my weekend in pictures.

20150605_184541865_iOS 1

{I ordered this Life in Play tote organizer & it came friday. essentially you can turn any tote bag into a diaper bag. yes, please! I love my diaper bag, but I need some diversity. I have been using it with my old trusty Madewell tote & my bag is slightly narrow for the organizer, but it works well!}


{eloise spends much of her playtime with a toy in her mouth & one in each hand. definitely an only child who doesn’t attend daycare!}


{we can’t seem to get enough of the local strawberries. I picked up two cartons on saturday afternoon & by sunday morning they were gone! we finally introduced them to eloise & she loves them, though I did notice a slight rash on her face this morning. better watch that strawberry juice in the future.}


{eloise has started to discover the world beyond her nursery door.}


{this is her new favorite thing to do: pull out all of the books. this evening I moved some books around & added a few of eloise’s books & toys to the shelf. if she is going to explore in that area, I might as well make it eloise-friendly!}


{sadie is pretty unsure of eloise’s mobility.}


{eloise’s favorite things these days are non-toys. like water bottles. she spent about 15 minutes with this one & giggling & laughing. it was adorable!}

we had a pretty low-key weekend with not a lot of plans. so I just took pictures of eloise! it was so, so hot here & it zapped the energy right out of me. way too hot for june! we have had fans running all weekend all over the house in order to stay cool. how was your weekend?


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