my weekend in pictures.


{our thermostat upstairs was reading 79 degrees by noon on friday meaning it was hotter inside than it was outside! luckily our downstairs (& bedrooms) are running about 5 degrees cooler. mind you, we don’t have A/C!}


{eloise has decided that what’s on the coffee table sure is interesting. & the table is low enough that she can put two hands up from being down on her tummy… she’s going to be trouble soon enough!}


{eloise was enjoying the fan breeze to cool off on friday afternoon.}


{eloise loves to stand & has discovered that the ottoman in her nursery is perfect for leaning against.}


{being hot equals a crazy hair day!}


{on saturday afternoon aaron starting putting together our new shed.}


{mmm, cookie butter from TJ’s. a great afternoon snack on toast!}


{the man & his shed. we are in the beginning stages of completely re-doing our backyard, so don’t mind the neighbor’s peeling garage wall. we are planning on painting it soon!}


{look how red this kiddo’s hair looks in this light!}


{gave myself a much-needed mani & pedi on saturday night while we caught up on all of our shows. we don’t watch a lot of TV & typically binge on TV shows a couple of nights a week. currently we are catching up on the last episodes of shows. like grey’s anatomy. such a sad show!}


{a gold pedicure in support of our niece charlotte who will have surgery to remove the tumor on her liver on tuesday. #charlottestrong}


{eloise & her “dude” who is green & gold (in support of liver & pediatric cancers) gave me a thumbs up to share with charlotte this morning. completely a coincidence that the only picture she was smiling in she was also giving a thumbs up!}


{eloise attended her first mariner’s game this afternoon & she loved it. she napped on aaron for about 30 minutes… could have used more sleeping today, but no melt-downs so hard to complain.}


{family day at the mariner’s game. we went with three other families from our PEPS group (so there were four 9 month olds all together) & we were quite the spectacle. we lasted the entire game, but left at the start of extra innings. the mariners ended up losing 6 to 3 to the indians in 12. bummer.}

we didn’t have a lot of plans this weekend, but it ended up feeling busy. since we haven’t had a lot of plans during the past few weekends, we have been trying to devote some much-needed time & energy to various parts of the house. slowly but surely we are getting things checked off the list! we also had really amazing (hot) weather & it is finally starting to feel like summer! how was your weekend?


One thought on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. There were some really adorable pics of Eloise in this blog!! She is so precious. The one with the green and yellow “dude” and her thumbs up has to be one of my favorites! Also love the sleeping on Daddy at the game and the red hair!

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