eloise {week 41}


{chambray shirt: Carter’s // onesie: Carter’s // leggings: Carter’s // moccasins: Freshly Picked}


{& the outtake for this week! weekly photos are much more difficult to manage these days. definitely a two-person job.}

{week 41} eloise had her first fever this week which was so sad. I guess since a “low-grade fever” isn’t actually a thing, she was in the fever range. scary when the thermometer turns red which is what ours does once you get into the “fever range.” I could tell just by feeling her that she was much warmer than normal & her temp was reading around 99.5 degrees at the highest. it lasted about 24 hours & she seemed pretty normal for most of the day, other than a bit of fussiness & one episode of throwing up (maybe from chugging her bottle?). my guess is that it was just a virus or something that passed pretty quickly. I know it could also have been from teething, though she has six teeth so far & never any fever with them. glad to be past that.

crawling is THE thing around here. eloise is so quick these days though she pretty much goes for the same things so we don’t lose track of her (the coffee table, shoes in the entryway, & sadie’s toy basket). she has learned to use both of her forearms to pull herself across the floor, & also her big toe on each foot to give herself an extra boost. she is often, though, up rocking on her hands & knees, & just these past few days has taken a few crawling movements (hands & knees) up from her belly. I expect that any day now I will look over to find her crawling on her knees!


{eloise’s new funny face. also, she always has both of her hands up like that when she is in her highchair. I think it is because she doesn’t like her hands to be dirty when she eats.}

starting on sunday, eloise discovered that she could control her eyebrows. she is making this hilarious face where she furls her eyebrows & frowns. it looks like she is so mad! {aaron calls it her mean muggin’ face} the funny (or sad) thing is that if you mirror the face back to her, she gets sad. obviously she doesn’t realize that this is a mad face, she is just practicing moving her facial features! it is so, so cute & funny – we can’t stop laughing!

happy 41 weeks eloise!


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