eloise {week 38}


{tank: Old Navy // shorts: Target}

{week 38} this week I transitioned eloise to all finger food (BLW) solids at mealtime (so no more purees). many of her meals were already this way, but in anticipation of traveling & lots of being away from home, non-purees are just so much easier. eloise is really liking smaller sized foods like blueberries & peas which are developing her pincher grasp. each mealtime I set out a few pieces of each type of food on her tray & she is definitely aware of the differences in the foods, from both color & texture, & will reach for a particular piece that she wants.

eloise still spends a lot of time on her side (mostly the right side) during playtime & when she is resting from crawling. she can still get from sitting to her tummy pretty gracefully & is so close to being able to get from her side to sitting! she isn’t pulling up too much on furniture or things, but likes to stand & bounce if she is with someone else. her army crawling is pretty astounding as she can move really quickly these days & with much more of an agenda than she had in previous weeks. she is almost always moving to get something she isn’t supposed to have… we have been staying with david & jodi this week too so eloise has been experiencing crawling & playing on carpet. she seems to crawl about the same, but we have noticed little rug burns on the tops of her knees! maybe we need to get some kneepads?

eloise has had so much fun with her older cousins this week & likes the attention from everyone (not that she isn’t the center of attention everywhere we go!). it has been great to see her playing with older kids (david & jodi’s kids are 3 & 8) & also interacting well with other adults. like in the past few months eloise only has separation anxiety if it is near mealtime or bedtime (apparently mama = food!).

at the end of last week we flew from seattle to charlotte via minneapolis which is the longest flight eloise has taken (her first flight was to boise last october). I have to admit that I was anxious about the flight, but eloise did so, so well! we tried to keep her on her regular routine & it worked out. she had breakfast & napped about an hour on the first flight, & then had lunch & napped about 45 minutes on the second flight. the rest of the flight she spent playing with toys or flirting with the other passengers.

even though I just mentioned eloise isn’t eating purees anymore, I did take the opportunity to bring purees on the plane for easier mealtimes using these reusable pouches. in the pouches I put sweet potato & applesauce, & then a banana was added after she was finished with the applesauce. in the past I would squeeze the food from the pouch onto a spoon & then feed eloise, but this time I just gave her the pouch & she was able to feed herself. I only use these pouches when we are on-the-go (since I really like eloise to be able to see & touch her food), but really like them since they are so convenient & you can do either purees or softer foods (avocado, banana, etc.). we weren’t sure how TSA would handle homemade baby purees but we didn’t have an issue at all at security (even with the gel ice pack!). I think it helped that aaron & I signed up for TSA Pre-Check – if you are flying at all you should look into it, so convenient!

happy 38 weeks eloise!


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