eloise {week 37}


{sweater: Gymboree (old) // dress: Crewcuts // jeans: Carter’s // moccasins: Freshly Picked}

{week 37} oh boy is eloise on the move. she still sits & plays on her playmat well, but when she wants to move she is off! eloise has mastered the army crawl & has the ability to change direction now while staying on her belly, so she isn’t as reliant on rolling while on the move. she hasn’t shown any signs of actual crawling since she seems panicked when she is up on her hands & knees, but I know that will come eventually.

eloise started her tots swim class this last weekend. we chose a saturday morning class, despite it being during her AM nap!, so that aaron could join in on the fun too. the water was cold (85 degrees) & the class was huge, but I think it is good for her to have exposure to the water. she seemed to like kicking, but spent a lot of the class cuddling close to one of us as her lips turned blue. poor kiddo! we would dash into the nearby sauna every so often for just a few minutes to make sure she was staying warm enough. eloise loves bathtime & has finally become okay with water splashing on her face, so I think this is a great time to have her in the pool before summer starts & we hit up the splash pads around town.



{swimsuits // mine: TopShop // hers: Target & this Honest Co swim diaper // his: Target (old)}

in the last two days eloise has started a fake cry which is sometimes funny but gets old super fast! she only seems to do it when she can’t play with her spoon at mealtimes. at this point eloise is pretty disinterested in pureed food, so I haven’t needed to use a spoon much, except for the occasional oatmeal or cereal. I am hoping the fake fussiness is just a temporary thing with the re-introduction of the spoon, though I definitely could foresee toddler eloise throwing a very similar fit over who knows what! the crying (I don’t even think you could call it that!) subsides quickly as soon as you make a funny face or remind her of the food that is on her tray.

eloise has also started bobbing her head & rocking her body while seated in her high chair. I have noticed it for the past few days & especially when we had music playing in the living room while she was eating the other day. I don’t think she is correlating her movement to music, but it sure does look like she is dancing! every so often you will look over & she will be bobbing in her highchair. it’s, you guessed it, adorable!

happy 37 weeks eloise!


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