eloise {week 36}


{dress: Carter’s (old) // bloomers: babyGap (from this dress) // moccasins: Freshly Picked}

{week 36} this past week my mom (Grammie) was in town & we spent the better part of our time up in La Conner, WA enjoying the Puget Sound & the tulips. despite being in a completely new place, eloise did so well!

stretching is a new fun thing eloise has started in the past few weeks, mostly after diaper changes or when she wakes up from sleep. we are starting the “eloise is SO big!” when she stretches & it is awfully cute! I wonder if this means she is growing?

eloise has mastered a straight-arm wave. it took a while for me to figure it out since it is very low (at belly level usually) & often is while she is tapping on something, but she is waving. aaron & I frequently wave to her with our entire arm from across the room & say “hello eloise!” to see if we can teach her to wave with her arm instead of just her wrist & hand. clapping is still elusive, though she LOVES when someone else is clapping – she just laughs & laughs. the issue is mostly that her hands are closed so she basically ends up fist bumping herself!

eloise’s top four teeth are in & it looks a little strange. where did my toothless little baby go? they aren’t as obvious as her bottom two teeth (because of her lip) & they make her look so grown up. we have to be careful now with her teeth though since she doesn’t realize she can bite! she grabbed my finger last week & bit down & I still have a cut! there have been a couple of times where I have felt teeth while nursing (SO painful!) but it has mostly been an angle thing & not that eloise has actually chomped down (thank goodness!).

solids are still going well & eloise is loving eating three meals a day (in addition to the five nursing sessions & one bedtime bottle!). while eloise still likes purees, she is much more interested in finger food (BLW) so I am starting to offer her more of that. my thought is that in the coming weeks I will finish off the remaining purees & then be done with them.

happy 36 weeks eloise!


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