PEPS annual luncheon.

I am certain I have PEPS before {see here} because it has been a HUGE part of our life since eloise arrived on the scene. eloise & I ended up in two different PEPS groups since last fall – a mamas’ group & a parents’ group. I still continue to meet with my fellow mamas & their babes every monday morning (despite the formal group being over), & all three of us (aaron, eloise, & me) meet with our fellow parents & their babes every month. it is such an amazing community & I know that so much of the joy that I have found in parenting & being home with eloise has come from these groups. I only wish that every parent had access to a group like this! & if you are lucky enough to live in the seattle-eastside area, definitely look into PEPS if you are expecting or have very small children.

each year PEPS hosts an annual luncheon which brings together it’s board members, volunteers, participants, & others to join together & raise a large part of its annual budget. I was thrilled that eloise & I were able to attend, along with another mama friend. the food was amazing as was the company. PEPS is doing amazing, amazing things both in our local community & far beyond the state borders (like partnering with programs in Germany!) & it was exciting to be a part of it.

there were event photographers floating around the event & happened to take a few snaps of eloise & me. that first one of us even made the PEPS website (scroll to the bottom) & the thank you letter emailed out to attendees!

the Happy Film Company - PEPS-129

the Happy Film Company - PEPS-130

{photos via The Happy Film Company}

I am so thankful for our ability to be part of PEPS & can’t wait for next year’s luncheon!

are (or were) you part of any parenting groups or communities?


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