eloise {week 32}


{top: Carter’s // jeans: babyGap (similar) // moccasins: Freshly Picked}

{week 32} this week has been all about teeth. eloise has been cutting her bottom two teeth for some time. the right one is very visible, & the left is well beyond just a little white spot. I just assumed that her two front teeth would be next (since that has been the typical growth pattern for all of eloise’s friends) & although those front teeth look imminent, it is actually the one to the right of the middle that has made it’s entrance. aaron discovered it this weekend & we didn’t even realize eloise was cutting that tooth since she didn’t seem fussy/drooly/stuffy/etc.

beyond growing teeth, eloise is busy. she is constantly moving (even in her sleep – she is all over her crib!) & never staying still. I think this is good practice for, well, the rest of her life. if eloise is being held, she either wants to be facing you & poking or pulling at your hair or nose; if she is nursing, she is constantly looking around & grabbing what she can & waving her arms; if she is on the ground, she is rolling & scooting around; & if she is sitting, she is tapping her (right) foot – tap, tap, tap!

eloise can also sit completely by herself now, & since she can pretty safely get down to her side or tummy from sitting, it feels much more real. you can set her down now on her playmat on her bum & she will play independently. she loves to pull everything out of her toy baskets, examining each toy & tasting any tags she can find along the way. I find that I am often putting toys back in the baskets for her after playtime since it makes me feel better (organized!) & eloise prefers a cleaned up playspace – win-win! I know it will get old very soon for me to continue cleaning up toys, but for now I don’t mind & I find that it also increases eloise’s exposure to some toys that may otherwise be forgotten. that said, when (if at all) did you mamas out there start rotating toys? we have toys in the living room, toys in the diaper bag, & toys in eloise’s nursery, but I haven’t started rotating things out yet (but would like to at some point).

happy 32 weeks eloise!


P.S. only 20 weeks left until she is one – where did the time go?

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3 thoughts on “eloise {week 32}

  1. We love toy rotating! I keep three round baskets out, but everything else goes away. I started when it seemed like we were using the same things all the time/neglecting some other cool things, or when boredom and fussiness started (she’s got some time before that happens) and also after an influx of holiday crap! It’s unavoidable. For us, anyway. We just made a playroom in the spare bedroom upstairs, so they are all out now. I am already compulsively organizing the Ikea kitchen nonstop.

  2. I remember trading off, putting some of the boys toys away for two or three weeks and then reintroducing them was like having something new to play with. And yes they LOVE pulling them out of a basket! When she is a little older she will think that putting them back in is fun also! When the boys were old enough to drag all of their toys out of their toy box, ( 3-4 years) I always made them “pick up” right before bedtime so that I could enjoy a nice neat house for at least a little while after they went to sleep. Bedtime was usually between 8 & 9 pm. and Ronny worked second shift 3-11 pm, so I usually waited up for him to get home. And they could wake up to a nice neat house in the mornings! I usually helped them but they knew that it was mainly their job.Then of course, most of the time we had it to do all over again the next day! Occasionally I would let them bring something out to the living room to play quietly before they went to bed. Legos,, star wars guys, cars, or a game something like that, but they knew that most of their toys were to stay in their room. Makes it a lot easier on Mom! and sure cuts down on clutter!

  3. I originally started rotating M’s toys after her first birthday, and I felt like we were going to drown in toys. I’m trying to rotate E’s toys already, but I find that I have to do it frequently or else I risk him outgrowing toys before he gets much chance to play with them. Overall, I’d say to do what feels best to you.

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