my weekend in pictures.


{uh oh, look who’s in the “I’m going to start crawling soon” pose…}


{stepping up my baby-food-making game!}


{spring means jelly beans right? these from TJ’s are awesome!}


{oh my gosh this little one. oh, & I think that is the last time she is wearing those pants – hello highwaters!}


{saturday morning means playtime with papa before breakfast!}


{also, standing? we are in so. much. trouble.}


{eloise finally fits into this little fuzzy, white bear jacket & it is oh so cute! too bad we never got winter this year.}


{selfies with my girl. we were both wearing purple dresses to celebrate our friend miriam’s birthday whose favorite color is – you guessed it – purple!}


{“uh, whatcha doin’ in the kitchen mama?”}


{eloise’s dinner: sweet potato-black bean-quinoa & roasted cauliflower. she loved every bit of it. yay for a good eater!}


{aaron adjusted the foot platform lower since eloise has grown. she looks so big in her chair now!}

we had a pretty low-key weekend with not a lot of plans. it was lovely. the weather wasn’t really lovely though – here comes the spring rain! how was your weekend?


One thought on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. What a dream baby! So happy – does she EVER cry? I have never seen a photo with tears 🙂
    And such a great eater – keep up the good work on the food prep. The sweet potato/black bean/quinoa dish sounds yummy!

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