eloise {week 31}


{chambray shirt: babyGap // leggings: Gymboree // moccasins: Freshly Picked}

{week 31} so this is fun: see eloise 31 weeks in my belly!

this week seems like it is just setting our new normal. not a lot of exciting things to report or any big changes.

eloise has been consistently taking three hour plus naps a day – hooray! sometimes she will wake up 45 minutes or so into her nap & start to talk to herself (or her lovie I suppose) & then soon enough she is back to sleep. it has been nice to know she is sleeping well during the day & that it is so consistent since that makes it easier for me to plan my days! sleeping at night is going well, but eloise has been waking up fussing around 3 am for the past few days. that isn’t too fun since she is still waking between 4 and 6 am for a feeding. just as I am getting back to sleep it seems she is waking me up again! I have definitely been taking advantage of eloise’s morning naps lately to get a little more shut-eye of my own. plus, who wants to be dressed before 11 am anyways?

eloise is still a roly-poly & will pretty much flip over immediately whether you put her down on her back or on her tummy. she doesn’t seem to mind the hardwood floors at all, despite having blankets down in her playspace in the living room. she is engaging so much with toys these days & often lights up when she sees a specific toy. sitting is also still going well & she is getting better at it each day.

food & eating is eloise’s new fascination. any food that she sees she thinks she is meant to eat! we have been continuing with the purees & BLW which is going so well. I am still liking the combination of foods. eloise has eaten everything we have offered her, & even though she always makes a face on her first bite of food, she happily eats. yesterday I roasted sweet potato spears & cauliflower, & she was delighted. I have been trying not to share any of my own food bias & introducing her to a wide spectrum of food (broccoil & cauliflower are not my favorites). I also introduced quinoa which is a nice change I am sure from just the fruits & veggies. she doesn’t quite get eating it by herself, but seems to enjoy it mixed up with pureed food. we are still working on teaching eloise how to drink from a sippy cup & straw, but she mostly just wants to play with the cup. oh well. we have lots of time before she will really need water for hydration.

happy 31 weeks eloise!


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