my weekend in pictures.



{eloise & I headed over the u village to pick up a few things & had to step into the Land of Nod. I noticed they had these old Childcraft encyclopedias being used in the staging – so weird to see these since we had them when I was a kid!}


{who could resist this happy little bug fresh off a long nap? seriously, 90% of the time she is all smiles when I go in to get her after nap time!}


{eloise & papa comparing teeth.}


{on friday night we had friends over for dinner – which they brought! – & then played some games after eloise went to bed. such a fun night! thanks for dinner dave & kurt!}


{we headed back to the u village on saturday afternoon – yep, we basically live there since it’s right down the street! – for lunch & to pick up a few other things. we ate “american” with a burger & salad – so yummy!}


{I finally tried coconut milk in my latte after aaron convinced me it was amazing. I was skeptical, but it was so good!}


{despite her face, eloise loved quinoa!}


{our friends made an impromptu visit for dinner & some catch-up on saturday evening. eloise & lily are going to be besties when they grow up. plus, they are just one month apart! great to see you steiner family!}


{we also tried roasted blueberries this afternoon. I think they were a success! (& so, so messy!)}


{eloise was still napping when I got home from pure barre this afternoon. I pretty much can’t resist staring at her when she sleeps… creepy? perhaps.}

we had a really low-key weekend with no real plans. even though we didn’t get much done, it was nice to just hang out & enjoy each other’s company. plus, we got lots of rain the past few days so it was nice to be in & dry! how was your weekend?


One thought on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. She is changing so much and is just precious! I don’t blame you for wanting to just stare at her. Especially when they are sleeping, so sweet and innocent! Her cheeks are the cutest! And I just want to smooch on them or eat them up! Can’t wait to see her and watch her interact! She is going to be a little person by the time we see her! Not a little baby anymore! Fun!

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