eloise {week 29}


{shirt: Carter’s // jeggings: Carter’s // moccasins: Freshly Picked}

{week 29} this week just flew right by! eloise has been such a happy kiddo, despite her first tooth that is moving into her mouth. at this point you can see the top of it & feel it (razor sharp!). it doesn’t seem to be bothering her too much at this point which is great since it was doing a great job at disrupting naps last week.

sitting is going well & each day it seems like eloise is getting sturdier. she will still bail or just fall over pretty often, so she needs spotting, but I know that pretty soon she will be sitting on her own. she is still excellent at rolling & now rolls towards whatever catches her eye – baby-proofing commence!

earlier this week I took eloise to a local swimming pool with another mom friend & her daughter. it was the first time eloise had been in the water other than the bath, but since we are hoping to start swimming lessons next month, I figured I should introduce her sooner rather than later. she definitely wasn’t sure at first. I sat down with her in the very shallow end (it was just a few inches) and let her sit & splash. the pool had a lot of fountains & water features which I know she will love when she is older, but I think they were a little scary. we pretty quickly moved into the “hot tub” which eloise seemed to enjoy. the water was warmer, it was a smaller pool, & only a few other people. eloise enjoyed floating on her back & holding her feet (happy baby pose!). I also put her on her tummy & she actually kicked around a bit. she’s not a huge fan of water on her face, but there were some splashes & she did really well! this made me really excited for swimming lessons & also for this summer!

eloise is so vocal these days & is constantly blabbering or cooing. she loves to talk when we are driving & also when we are walking around which catches the attention of lots of strangers everywhere we go! we still think she is saying “yeah” as well as “da” & “ga.” she has put together “da” a couple of times, but hasn’t really gotten to “dada” yet. I am working on “ma” as her next sound! eloise also does this thing where she opens & closes her mouth like she is talking, but she doesn’t make any sounds. it is like she is practicing, but doesn’t want to be too loud. usually after she does that a few times she will start softly making sounds & then get louder & louder. our bets are that eloise is a very vocal child!

eloise is still loving her exersaucer & has really learned to stand up & bounce in it! I try not to put her in it for too long each day, but it is so nice if I am in the kitchen trying to cook or clean up. she is such an active roller that I have to have eyes on her all the time if she is on her play mat. plus, it is great for eloise to have the opportunity to be up off the back of her head, which is one big thing her PT had suggested for gaining neck strength & movement.

solids are still going really well (other than the on-going diaper rash… boo. I may need to take her into her pediatrician if it doesn’t clear up in the next few days?). eloise is really enjoying eating still & seems to like everything we have offered. we recently tried zucchini & carrots (cut up in big, long sticks & roasted with olive oil) & she loved both! I have been doing one serving of puree & one serving of hand-held solids. that seems to work pretty well & give eloise a good variety of taste & texture. she is pretty much feeding herself with a spoon & also drinking water out of a sippy cup with help.  I think next week I will start adding solids around lunchtime too (right now we only do dinner).

happy 29 weeks eloise!


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