eloise {week 27}


{onesie: Carter’s // cords: babyGap // Jellycat penguin}

{week 27} this week eloise has really been showing us her personality – so sweet, happy, & funny. she constantly has us laughing with her giggles & chattering. she is such a tiny human now, like a real little person {& not just a baby}. I think we are getting thru the “blob” stage of babyhood & into the more interactive stages!

eloise is all about sitting, rolling, chewing, & babbling these days. in constant motion & doesn’t miss a thing! she watches everything & you can see her little brain working a mile-a-minute – it’s amazing! we are still working on sitting since eloise is still pretty wobbly, but she can sit by herself if someone spots her or if she is against the Boppy pillow. rolling, on the other hand, she can do all by herself & can even get around her arms {that was a tricky one to figure out!}. on occasion at night I have noticed that eloise sometimes get stuck on her side with her arm at a weird angle behind her & wants some help, but mostly she has got rolling down. this also means tummy time is pretty much non-existent since as soon as she is on her belly, she flips over!

this past week or so eloise has also started showing a bit of separation anxiety. we have an exersaucer plaything in the living room right next tot he kitchen doorway where eloise hangs out a lot while i make dinner (since she is within earshot of me & can’t get into too much trouble). a few times this past week she has been really fussy if i am in the kitchen & she is in her exersaucer. as soon as i moved right in front of her, she was fine. this was at the end of last week, following two sets of immunizations (we spread her 6 month shots over two days since it included the first flu vaccine dose) so i am not sure if that had anything to do with it or not. as much as i know separation anxiety is really normal for babies, especially starting at this age, it is so out of character for eloise that it is throwing me off!

happy 27 weeks eloise!


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