my {birthday} weekend in pictures.



{eloise & I joined the sadliers at the aquarium on friday morning – so fun to see all of the fishes!}


{we got to see delilah the octopus. she was gorgeous!}


{selfies. also, apparently we wear coordinating stripes.}


{we had the most gorgeous weather this weekend & I drove around with the sunroof open!}


{coming thru downtown on friday we got to see the space needle. & I have to take a picture of the needle whenever I see it.}


{I decided it would be fun to make a birthday cake. I normally don’t like chocolate cake, but something about my post-partem tastebuds can’t get enough chocolate! I used this recipe & it was delicious! see my first cake here.}


{last minute manicure on friday night!}


{I made a little fringe garland swag for my birthday party. I don’t know if I will ever take it down!}


{blowing out the candles. thanks for the picture jess!}


{family picture. thanks for the picture sami!}


{we decided to go out last minute for valentine’s day/birthday dinner &, surprise!, every place was full. we ended up at veggie grill.}


{this little bug can finally sit in a highchair! it makes dining out much more enjoyable since both aaron & I can actually eat our meals. we are using this highchair/shopping cart cover & love it!}


{oh this little love.}


{out of all of the things to play with in her nursery, eloise always finds the tag on the boppy pillow.}


{being 30 is about making good choices right? at least there was an egg with that donut.}


{my regular sunday afternoon pure barre class. bliss!}


{eloise loves sitting in her highchair while we are at the table.}


{eloise just started doing this where she puts her thumb on her face & then wiggles her fingers around. it is so cute!}

we had a really fun weekend celebrating valentine’s day & my thirtieth! there were lots of friends to catch up with & sunny, warm weather. it was perfect! how was your weekend?


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