my weekend in pictures.


{wahoo – 500 blog posts! thanks for following along.}


{our little monster.}


{eloise loves bathtime! do any of you mamas have recommendations on good bath toys for this age?}


{eloise made some valentines this weekend.}


{upholstery project. so many stitches to rip out!}


{where’s eloise? oh yes, off the blanket & onto the hard floor. terrific! guess this is what happens when you live in an old house with hard floors.}


{eloise is loving this abacus that auntie jess & uncle cale gave us last spring!}


{aaron was under the weather this weekend & it was rainy, so perfect movie weather! (puns intended!) we picked nonstop. I missed a lot of it since eloise doesn’t sit thru movies these days, but I don’t think it mattered too much.}


{started making eloise her first foods! apple & cinnamon puree – yum!}


{eloise & me reading before bedtime.}


{selfies with eloise!}


{after brunch, eloise fell asleep in the car (it was her naptime) so I waited for her to snooze for a few minutes since the opening & closing of car doors definitely wakes her up!}


{practicing the happy baby pose.}


{also made sweet potato puree for eloise!}

this weekend we laid low & hung around the house since aaron was feeling under the weather. it was sort of awesome & very much needed. gearing up for a busy, busy week that ends with me turning 30! {what?!}

how was your weekend?


also, this weekend our 15 month old niece Charlotte was diagnosed with stage 3 liver cancer. we would ask for any thoughts, prayers, and good vibes as she starts treatment this week & has a very long road of recovery ahead of her. stay strong Charlotte!

3 thoughts on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. Yayyyy!!!! You play with that abacus E! And become the brainiac you are destined to be 😍😍
    also, we are so, so very sorry to hear about yalls niece, Misha. 😔 my heart and thoughts are with her.

  2. I’ve been thinking of your family all day and will keep doing so as treatment kicks off this week. She’s one tough cookie!

    On the bath toy front, the Moluk Plui is very popular with both E and M.

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