eloise {week 25}


{onesie: Carter’s // chambray: babyGap // jeans: babyGap // bandana: DIY – tutorial in the works! // moccasins: Freshly Picked}

{week 25} eloise is continuing to make lots of noise this week & has really found that voice! she is constantly babbling, chatting, & cooing. it’s the very sweetest thing. bets are on her being a very vocal child {um, have you met aaron & me?}

eloise has also discovered her tongue these days & how fun it is to play with it – roll it, stick it out, & lick things. I know babies have a heightened sense of taste & use their mouths to help develop & discover, but this child is an over-achiever! every single thing she sees & can grab goes right into her mouth – boy are we in for some fun once she is mobile!

feet are another fun thing the past few days have brought. eloise is really realizing that those toes are hers & that, of course, they can go in her mouth too! I have noticed (& read) that babies in cloth diapers often don’t find their feet as early as their disposable-wearing counterparts because they aren’t quite as limber with all of that extra padding. I try to consistently strip eloise down or put her in a disposable during the week & let her roll around & explore. she is much more mobile & flexible, & makes bigger strides in her movement.

sleep is progressing & we are happy to report that for now we are really satisfied with the sleep training that we were able to do this past month. I am sure eloise’s next monthly update {next week!} will delver further into sleeping, but for now the biggest change is that she is sleeping on her side. I know that once babies are unswaddled & able to roll around they can self-soothe a bit easier because they can get more comfortable – who wants to just lie on their back to sleep all the time? we also switched her lovie out from a giraffe to an elephant over the past few weeks which has gone well & hopefully means that for a while we can have a few in rotation before she latches onto the one.

also, more of an update from me, but this week I stopped logging all of eloise’s feedings in the BabyConnect app. I am pretty certain I was the mama that has gone the longest in logging feedings, but honestly keeping track of the time of day was too much! I would look at the clock to see what time it was, make a mental note, & not 1 minute later I would have no idea what time it was! so, I logged feeding start times just so I knew when I should start naptime or expect another feeding. once I got eloise onto a consistent schedule {well, mostly} at the beginning of the month, it became much easier to drop the tracking. I am also really making an effort to not use my phone as much during the day {mindless social media, unless I am pumping!} & use a watch or a clock instead – so freeing!

happy 25 weeks eloise!


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