eloise {week 24}


{cardigan: Old Navy (old) // tee: babyGap (old) // jeans: babyGap (similar) // moccasins: Freshly Picked}

{week 24} this week’s picture is so perfect since eloise is constantly sucking on her bottom lip. it’s pretty darn cute! she is still all about putting everything in her mouth {& I mean everything, including the back cushion on her nursery glider!}. her dexterity is amazing these days – she can reach out & grab things in front of her, or hold onto something & look at it.

along with sleeping better {& learning how to put herself to sleep} eloise decided that her pacifier isn’t quite as necessary as it was before. she will take it on occasion but mostly sucks on her fingers {both thumbs!} or her lovie if she is trying to fall asleep. if we do try to give her her pacifier, she would much rather have you put it in her hand so that she can put it in her mouth. sometimes it makes it in, & sometimes she chews on the edges like a teething toy.

eloise has also really found her voice these past few weeks. she is squeaking & squawking constantly – it’s really adorable! she is mostly making vowel sounds & not really any consonants, though I am constantly telling her “mama mama mama” or “dada dada dada.” we have been starting baby signs as well, mostly to give us practice, & sticking with just the basics – milk, all done, more, mama, & papa. 

happy 24 weeks eloise!


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