eloise {week 23}


{shirt & cords: babyGap – thanks Auntie Jennifer!}

{week 23} this week has been much more restful for all of us now that eloise has learned to sleep! she is sleeping thru the night {12 hours!} which is making this mama so happy. bedtime has become easier as the routine has become more, well, routine. naps on the other hand are still very much a challenge, but I think we are making some headway. we do a similar routine before naptimes, but eloise seems to have so much more trouble getting herself to sleep & staying asleep during the day. we have tried to be as consistent as we can during the day with naps in terms of being home so she can nap in her crib {& not on the go} which makes going out during the day & actually doing anything a little challenging.

sitting is going to be eloise’s next big milestone, I think, as she just wants to be upright these days. when you lie her down on anything, she is crunching her head & torso up {like a crunch} & enjoys being on her feet! eloise can sit for a few seconds on her own now, but because she still is throwing herself backwards, I am wary of letting her sit for too long unassisted. as mentioned here aaron put together eloise’s high chair in anticipation of her starting solids soon {wait, really? how is she this old already?!}. we have been having eloise join us during dinner time in a seat on the table {either her bumbo or ingenuity} for a while now, but just started her in her highchair this week. she seems to love it!

for those who have asked, we decided on this stokke tripp trapp highchair since it will grow with eloise & become an adult-sized chair at some point. we added the baby set which will let us use it with eloise now, rather than waiting until she is completely able to sit in a chair on her own. we will probably use one of her chairs {with trays} when we first start with solids since she can sit up a bit more upright in them, but plan to transition eloise into her highchair so she can join us right at the table for mealtimes. 

happy 23 weeks eloise!


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