eloise {week 22}


{Livin’ the Dream tee: Old Navy (old) // onesie: Old Navy // jeans: Old Navy // moccasins: Freshly Picked}

{week 22} this week has been all about sleep! as discussed in her five month update, eloise hasn’t been a great sleeper for months. we officially started sleep training this week & boy is it rough. this is a pretty very controversial topic & parents everyone has his or her own opinion, but you just have to pick what feels right for your family & for your kid.

we have had a few tears & some unslept naps this week, but we are seeing some major progress already. the first night eloise was able to put herself to sleep {!} & awake after 4 hours & 45 minutes, & was up just a few times. it probably seems silly to some that I list out the hours & minutes, but this is huge! this little lady has slept more than 4 hours in a row only a handful of times {which means this mama hasn’t slept for more than 4 hours in a row for 5 months!}. then last night eloise slept 6 hours {!!} & made a few squeaks, but neither of us had to get up with her until her early morning feeding at 4 this morning! seriously, so. much. progress.

naps are still challenging since it takes a bit for eloise to settle herself still, but we are making headway for sure. the wonderful thing about eloise is that even if she blows thru an entire nap & she’s tired, she isn’t cranky but is all smiles! thanks for that e!

eloise had vaccines this week as well &, as usual, was such a champ! she had one in each leg & cried after one for about three seconds, & that was it. she is sporting two Bugs Bunny band-aids on her chunky little legs, but she doesn’t seem to be bothered at all.

one thing that I have been meaning to add to e’s updates {mostly for my own memory as this is e’s baby book after all!} is that she adores, & I mean ADORES, bold prints. by that I mean if you wear a shirt with stripes, polka dots, or colorful shapes, eloise will be mesmerized by it. I wear a lot of stripes so I am particularly distracting to her these days…

a lot of people {seriously everyone!} has been asking about it, so I thought I would add: we aren’t going to start solids with eloise until she is 6 months. there are a few reasons for this, including that her pediatrician told us at her 4 month check-up to wait, eloise isn’t sitting upright by herself & isn’t super interested in food yet, I love not having to clean-up solid food diapers, bibs, dishes, & I may or may not be in denial about eloise even being big enough to eat solids! I am planning on doing a mixture of pureed foods & small solids {baby-led weaning} once we do start next month.

happy 22 weeks eloise!


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