eloise {month five}


{lion: jellycat via nordstrom // sweater: a gift from Auntie Ashley // onesie: Old Navy (similar) // leggings: babyGap (similar) // moccasins: Freshly Picked}

{month five} what a fun month! I think I’ve said it before, but the holidays are much more fun with littles! we adored having eloise as part of our family for christmas – the best present ever (as my mom would say)!

this month has been a little crazy-town, even above & beyond the holidays. eloise was an amazing little traveller in the car – we did 1000 miles round-trip! – & she managed to take incredibly long naps as a result of being in a moving vehicle & yours truly sitting by her side in the back seat to tend to her every need! (yep, it was sadie, & eloise in the backseat with mama crammed in the middle. good thing I have short legs!)

sleep is still such a big issue for us as eloise just doesn’t like it. though I try to stick to a 3 hour feeding cycle (starts with a feeding, then playtime, & then a nap about an hour and a half later), but naps & bedtime for most of the month were just all over the place. eloise was sleeping in her crib at night, but in her rock n play for naps when we were home. then we were out of the house for a few days {*for reasons I will detail below} before we went to idaho for almost two weeks & she slept either in her rock n play, a pack n play, or in someone’s arms. travelling is just really disruptive for sleep & schedules, so I tried my best to make sure she was eating & sleeping somewhat regularly & then let the rest go.

fast-forward to the New Year & we still have a terrible sleeper… {not really a big surprise} this week specifically we have been working on getting eloise onto a proper schedule; nothing super rigid, just something consistent each day. this includes setting routines for both naptime & bedtime which I have read can help with cueing babes that it is sleepy time. eloise used to have a really, really late bedtime (10:30 or 11 pm) which was great because then aaron would get to see eloise for a good chunk of time when he got home from work, & we could occasionally hang out with friends over dinner & not be stuck at home. but, now we have collapsed that last nap into nighttime sleep & her old bedtime feeding is now more of a dream feed (a feeding that happens when the baby is still asleep). now bedtime is around 7:45 or 8 pm.

along with getting on a schedule, we are also planning on sleep training this month (which I am sure I will detail in next month’s post!). there are a few reasons we picked now for sleep training – the main ones being that aaron is on paternity/parental leave this month {hooray!} & we are so. tired. for those of you not in the know, sleep training is basically training your child how to sleep & self-soothe without parents (& hopefully start sleeping thru the night!). we are still unsure about exactly which method of sleep training we are going to use (why are there SO many?), but I ordered the book My Child Won’t Sleep which was recommended by our pediatrician & is an overview of all of the proven sleep training methods. I also have been doing tons (& tons) of reading online.

beyond sleeping {& teething which I discuss below} eloise is still the happiest kiddo. she has really found her voice the past week or so & constantly babbles. it is the sweetest thing. she is also just really interested in what is going on around her, including what we are doing & what we are holding. I used to be able to sip out of a water bottle while nursing without eloise paying the slightest bit of attention, but now if I do, she unlatches & watches me, reaching for the water bottle. nothing gets past this kid anymore! she is also super interested in faces & mouths these days. she has always loved baby faces – in books or in real life, as most babies do – but she is particularly fond of touching your face as she is trying to sleep, & also in discovering your mouth. our bets are on oral surgeon as a future career for this one!

eloise has gotten so much better with her hand coordination these days & can really grab something & pull it into her mouth. she usually studies it a bit once she has a good grip. she is so close to being able to get her pacifier into her mouth on her own – it’s the cutest thing! she grabs the pacifier on the rounded edge with her hand, cocks her head, & opens her mouth really wide as she brings her hand to her mouth. about 30% of the time she can get it close enough, but most of the time she just misses her mouth with the nipple & ends up chewing on the edge of it.

eloise also does NOT like to lay reclining anymore, unless she is nursing, she wants to be upright! if you lay her down (while she is awake, not while she’s sleeping), she will pull her head & shoulders up (like a little ab crunch) or roll to her side. over are the days she would hang out with me in the boppy newborn lounger while I pumped (though she is way too long for it anyways!). this is where her little seats have come in handy during playtime or adult mealtime (she has the ingenuity & the bumbo).

lastly (wow, this is becoming a really long update!) eloise started PT at children’s hospital for her torticollis. this is not too big of a deal, but basically eloise has a head side preference (her right) which likely came from her head being crooked when she dropped in my belly at the very end of my pregnancy. it is totally, & completely normal, but does take some work to get things back on course. we notice it mostly when eloise is sitting or doing tummy time – her head is usually towards her right side. we had previously seen a cranial sacral therapist (similar to a chiropractor, but specific to the cranium) who helped us with stretching eloise’s head, neck, & spine when she was younger. past four months, it is recommended that PT starts if there are any lingering issues. eloise had her first PT appointment last week with jane, her therapist, & she was great! jane was so impressed with her head movements & thinks eloise will work thru this in no time. we have been assigned to do stretching exercises with eloise everyday in addition to her bi-monthly sessions which are basically just getting her to turn her head to the left & stretch out her neck. we are so lucky to be in seattle where we have access to Children’s Hospital & its world-renowned pediatric PTs!

{weight} I would guess close to 17 pounds.

{hair} dark reddish brown.

{teeth} bottom two teeth are making an appearance as of new year’s eve. on the 30th, I noticed that eloise started sucking on her bottom lip – “how cute!” we thought. then during her late afternoon nap e was crying & was inconsolable (which is rare!) so I knew something was different. e grabbed my finger & put it in her mouth, & I felt along her gums, on a hunch, & sure enough you can feel & see two little teeth coming in. this is the first time we have given her acetaminophen & it seems to be working when she needs it (mostly in the middle of the night, though not consistently). during the day she doesn’t seem to be in pain, but wants to chew on something always!

{eyes} dark grey with a hint of brown.

{clothes} pretty much out of 0 to 3 months (unless in a disposable) and wearing 3 to 6 months. some 6 to 9 (or 12) month fit around the waist, but are entirely too long!

{diapers} full-time cloth {bum genius freetime, pocket, & elemental} & honest company size 3 diapers at night with a bum genius diaper cover.

{feeding} during the day, 3 hour cycles. when e gets a bottle, she will take 4 to 5 oz.

{likes} sitting, standing (with help), music, lights, bathtime.

{dislikes} teething, sleeping by herself, getting her face wet.

{nicknames} Bug, Bugs, Love Bug, E, Wheezy, Kiddo, Little Love.

happy five months eloise!


*as I referenced in this post we had to briefly move out of our house & into a hotel right before the holidays due to a small mishap in the kitchen. some of you know what happened & it wasn’t my intention to keep anyone in the dark, I just wanted to make sure we got thru it before spilling the deets. so, this is what happened (the short version): while downstairs with eloise during one of her naps (with the sound machine on) I left a pot of water boiling which was sterilizing my plastic pumping parts. for over an hour. bummer. everyone was safe & there wasn’t any real damage done, though our entire house was covered in a thin layer of soot from the pot smoldering for that time. we had a disaster clean-up company come in & clean every inch of our home; a fabric restoration company come in, pack up every single piece of fabric (all clothes, drapes, towels, socks!), & professionally clean it; a computer company come in & pack up all of our electronics (computers, TV, XBox) for specialized cleaning; & a painting contractor who is currently repainting all of the surfaces of our kitchen, including all of the cabinet doors. it has been a ton of work, but we are so thankful we have homeowner’s insurance (it’s inexpensive but so useful!) & that everyone was safe & the house is still in tact. everything came back from the cleaner earlier this week so we are up to our nose in boxes & bags, but slowly making progress. in happier news, we don’t have to spring clean this year! 

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One thought on “eloise {month five}

  1. Traveling really does a number on everyone! Good luck with the sleep training! It’s no fun, but stick with it…. it’ll be worth it in the end. I’ll be anxious to hear how that book is. We got a lot of good info on sleep training from Baby 411. xoxo

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