my weekend in pictures.


{she is loving sitting up these days. always which a huge grin on her face.}


{sucking on that thumb. she used to do this when she was tiny, but there has been a long stretch of wanting to eat her entire fist.}


{reading a book before naptime & turning the page so she can eat the corner of the book.}


{brunch date with this lovely lady. apparently I missed the memo about wearing chambray!}


{I guess the decorations had to come down eventually. such a bummer. can we just keep up with the festive decorations all year?}


{hanging out with her playmat friends.}


{I am not a fan of regular oranges, but blood oranges? amazing! also, does anyone else painstakingly peel off all of the orange pulp-y stuff? aaron thinks I am nuts but I hate the way it tastes.}


{a barre class means an extra pumping session. worth it to get some me time – thanks love for watching eloise!}

we had a very social weekend catching up with close friends that we haven’t seen in ages – it was lovely! I am a bit bummed about the weather which has been cold & rainy, but I guess that is to be expected this time of year {boo winter in the PNW}. it was a great first weekend of 2015 & I am energized for a fantastic year! how was your weekend?


One thought on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. Wow! Eloise is really growing! I love these pics of her. She is such a little doll. Hope you had a nice time at your parents and a wonderful Christmas. We are enjoying temps in the 80’s here in Florida right now!

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