eloise {week 20}


{diaper: bumgenius freetime in dazzle}

{week 20} 20 weeks? it sounds like e is a teenager! also, partly because our house is in complete disarray & I don’t know where anything is, & partly because baby in a diaper is absolutely irresistible, eloise is showing off her adorableness in cloth!

this week eloise has been really interested in sitting & eating things. & by eating things I mean in the sense that anything she has in her hands goes straight into her mouth – toys, books, mama’s hair, fingers, etc. it is super cute & a bit obnoxious at the same time. I guess it is just the start, right? kids put things in their mouth (& nose!) for years.

in regards to sitting, eloise still needs a lot of support, but is interested in being up-right these days. she only wants to be held lying down if she is nursing. other than that she wants to be at least sitting & being up on her feet is even better!

as part of our napping  bedtime routine {I think I have previously mentioned} that we are reading books. since we have eloise’s library showcased on the shelves right by the glider, eloise sees books a number of times every day. she loves to stare at all of the covers – so many colors! she also really enjoys reading books & loves to look at the pictures {before trying to shove the entire book into her mouth!}. I have also been teaching her how to turn the pages & on occasion she can do it by herself! these days our favorites are: chicka chicka boom boom, I love you through and through, guess how much I love you, and are you my mother?

happy twenty weeks eloise!


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