eloise {week 19}


{jammies: Hanna Andersson // hat: made by aunt kelly}

{week 19} this week we have been spending so much time with family & friends which has brought lots of smiles & laughs. it has been so great to see eloise with so many of our loved ones that we don’t get to see very often.

eloise is rolling a lot better these days. for weeks she has been able to tip her head & roll herself to her side when she was on her tummy, but now she is much more intentional about her rolling & can get all the way to her back! she can also roll herself to her side from her back. good stuff!

we are also working on sitting these days. eloise can do the “tee-pee” sit {as i refer to it} where she sits & leans way forward with some help. she is also sitting well in her ingenuity seat & also her new bumbo seat {thanks jen!}. when we first started using her seat a few weeks ago, eloise would get a little fussy after a few minutes as i would imagine she was getting tired from the sitting. but now she can sit thru a meal & even entertain herself with a toy & not get too tired.

sleeping wise eloise is doing pretty well considering she is in a completely new place & on a new time zone. within a few hours of being in boise she snapped into mountain time, even though i had planned to keep her on pacific time! the hour time change great effected eloise the last time we were visiting, but this time around it hasn’t been a big deal. as of last week we are done with the swaddle which is for a few reasons: her ped recommended that we transition out of the swaddle at her 4 month check-up, she is beginning to roll, we want her to be able to self-soothe with her hands, and she was sleeping crappy anyways so it seemed like a good time! unswaddling has actually gone really well. i was worried that her sleeping would get really bad during this transition, but since we knew we were in a rough patch of sleeping {from her 4 month sleep regression} it has been pretty easy. we have been using the halo sleepsack with the swaddler, but just wrapping it around her torso & leaving her arms out. {also, how long did your babies have sleep regression before they bounced back to their usual sleeping patterns?}

happy nineteen weeks eloise!


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