eloise {week 16}


{sweater: Hanna Andersson // jeggings: Levi’s // socks: Crewcuts (similar) // mocassins: Freshly Picked}

{week 16} um, wait, what? week 16? i had to look at my calendar & count the weeks just to confirm that it has, in fact, been 16 weeks since eloise was born! time is flying way too fast for this mama.

our little gal is still so full of smiles & giggles – what a content & happy kid! she loves to kick her arms & legs when she gets excited (seeing mom or dad, & even during diaper changes). we have also been starting to sit her up for some time each day using the ingenuity seat. it is similar to a bumbo, but has a better fitting tray & straps. it also has an insert that you can remove so eloise won’t grow out of it so quickly. i may still pick up a bumbo if i see one at a consignment store, but for now we are really happy with the ingenuity. {for those not in the know, the bumbo seat is the seat to have for kiddos & everyone has one. then there were some safety concerns – lack of straps – & many other similar seats are available now.}

this week has felt very centered around sleep. way more so than usual. eloise has very nicely transitioned into a pretty regular nighttime routine, doing her last feeding between 10:30 & 11 pm, & sleeping (mostly thru) until 5:30 or 6 am! even though she has dropped that middle-of-the-night feeding, she still sometimes wakes up between 2 and 4 am; she usually doesn’t wake up but does fuss, so i usually just pop her pacifier back in & she will go back to sleep, or she will fuss again & i will go back in & give her her pacifier.

i have also really been focusing on doing naptimes at home & either swaddled in her crib or in her rock-n-play in her room. up until now her naps mostly consisted of sleeping on mom since this was really the only way to get a solid nap out of her. now almost every nap has been not in my arms. it’s good for both of us! it means that i actually get some time alone during the day & can get at least a few things done around the house! & since she is taking sometimes four naps in a day, the time adds up! i still rock her to sleep, but it is much more like her nighttime routine: sound machine, dark room, pacifier, usually swaddled. eloise is still waking up mid-nap (or even a bit more frequently), but she is mostly sleeping on her own – yay!

the other big change that i either swaddle both arms when we use her halo sleepsack (i used to swaddle just one, but found that she can’t knock out her pacifier if both arms are in!), or we use the love to dream swaddle up which we just started using a few days ago thanks to amanda’s suggestion! eloise isn’t rolling on purpose yet, so i am hoping to keep her swaddled up at night for a bit longer since i know it helps her sleep so. much. better.

& here’s a belated Thanksgiving photo of our little family (minus Sadie).


happy 16 weeks eloise!


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