my {long thanksgiving} weekend in pictures.

20141126_211347700_iOS {thanks to my mom & dad for watching eloise while aaron & i had a day date. yummy lunch at din tai fung!}

20141127_220239347_iOS {a separate turkey oven makes for a very low stress thanksgiving.}

20141127_220925979_iOS {one of many projects my dad & aaron completed this week – thanks guys!}

20141127_221342981_iOS {another batch of cranberry sauce for thanksgiving dinner. the best!}

20141128_003522973_iOS {eloise wearing her “how about chicken?” thanksgiving shirt. thanks grammie!}

20141128_005500576_iOS {the thanksgiving table this year.}

20141128_200613824_iOS {eloise & grandpa.}

20141128_211839055_iOS {shopping at home depot. having a stroller has its advantages.}

20141129_035809821_iOS {delicious cuban food with aaron’s cousins nathan & kendra!}

20141129_171901369_iOS {tummy time in the morning. that hair!}

20141129_174620041_iOS {we woke up to snow on saturday morning, much to our surprise!}

20141129_191431053_iOS {painting for an upcoming Christmas project.}

20141129_203304291_iOS {um, that face.}

20141129_204703979_iOS {setting out Christmas decorations. now i just need to find time to decorate!}

20141129_205401614_iOS {thanksgiving leftovers are the best. we consumed lots of turkey sammies this weekend.}

20141129_213335954_iOS {down jacket selfie.}

20141129_213936937_iOS {we took a very cold family walk on saturday afternoon. eloise hung out with dad in the ergo inside his down jacket.}

20141130_013310594_iOS {reading stories.}

20141130_053057742_iOS {passed out.}

20141201_014001706_iOS {post-barre snuggles.}

20141201_041105032_iOS {reading the very hungry caterpillar & learning to sit up!}

we had such a great long holiday weekend with my parents in town to help us celebrate thanksgiving. it was a nice, mellow week which was exactly what we needed. lots of to-dos got checked off of the list as well – thanks mom & dad for your help! & then we spent the remainder of the weekend hanging out as a family of four & keeping warm as the temperatures plummeted. we are very thankful this year for our radiant heat as it is so much warmer than our old heating system! it really feels like december & christmastime as there is snow on the ground & a tree in our living room. how was your weekend?


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