eloise {week 15}


{dress: Old Navy // onesie: Old Navy // leggings: Gymboree (similar) // mocassins: Freshly Picked}

{week 15} this week we have had lots of visitors in town & eloise has been elated. she loves seeing all of the new faces. plus, there are so many more people to cuddle with!

eloise has been very interested in looking at everything around her recently: when i hold her up on my shoulder, she is constantly watching everything, especially lights; when she is in her carseat, she loves staring at the polka dots on the car seat cover; when we are nursing in public, she loves staring at the inside of the cover. 

sleeping has been a bit hit & miss – naps & at night. if i don’t drop everything & hold eloise during her daytime naps, she typically won’t sleep (or at least very long); so basically if i have anything planned during the day, it is done at the expense of her sleeping… & then at night eloise has dropped her middle-of-the-night feeding (yay!) but is now up between three & six times wanting either her pacifier or a cuddle. so, that’s been fun!

eloise’s hair has come in quite a bit on the very top of her head, including the sides, filling in around her mohawk very nicely.

happy 15 weeks eloise!


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