my weekend in pictures.

  20141121_175055637_iOS {friday morning delivery by the milkman: farm fresh eggs & milk!}

20141121_185555701_iOS{drying diapers.}

20141121_202332000_iOS {i introduced eloise to christmas music while i was crafting on friday.}

20141122_025939245_iOS {she is loving this whale on her playmat. i suspect it is because it has a mirror on the bottom & there is a baby staring back at her!}

20141122_060812806_iOS {i got some sewing in on friday afternoon!}


{eloise rolled over on saturday morning. she had done it before accidently, but this time she did it a few times in a row! & by rolling over, i mean she leaned her head to one side & her body followed!}

20141121_172717983_iOS {go colts!}

20141122_225413547_iOS {i enjoyed a lovely saturday brunch with some of my local mom friends. thanks husband for hanging out with eloise!}

20141123_195015706_iOS {she loves this mat. she giggles & giggles!}

20141123_195121636_iOS{the makings of an apple pie for friendsgiving.}

20141123_224125384_iOS {a squeaky clean baby!}


{friendsgiving at jes & cale’s house. so good to celebrate!}

we had a fun weekend with lots of friends, including our first house guests & a friendsgiving celebration! it is hard to believe it is the end of november already, but the weather is definitely making it feel like fall. at least it didn’t rain the entire weekend. we are hosting my parents for thanksgiving this weekend & so looking forward to a full house for another few days! how was your weekend?


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