eloise {week 14}


{dress & bloomers: babyGap // tights: babyGap // onesie: Old Navy // moccasins: Freshly Picked // hair bow: Etsy}

**a little sneak peak at e’s christmas card picture ensemble**

{week 14} lots more giggles & coos from our little one this week. she is constantly chattering to herself, or to aaron or me – it’s the sweetest! she is also still loving that fist & isn’t as interested in just her thumb as she was when she was a newborn. {also, speaking of newborn, as of a week ago eloise wasn’t considered a newborn anymore… what? this is happening too fast!} there is also a lot of moving her arms & legs, especially when eloise gets excited about seeing mama or papa, or a toy, & she gets a huge grin on her face.

we have also entered – as of just a few weeks ago – the start of the drool. eloise likes to take advantage & blow as many bubbles as she can {it’s pretty impressive!}. but I worry since it is cold about the front of her onesie always being wet. so we have started wearing a bib on occasion to help with the wetness & I am thinking I should make {in all of my spare time!} a few baby bandana scarves for her to wear. a little more stylish than a bib! also, I know that an increase in drool comes with her age, but is also a sign of teething. to the second point, I am in complete denial about that!

eloise is still loving lots of singing which is fun. she loves to chatter thru the songs & adores when they are interactive. she is also really starting to grasp {literally & figuratively} toys these days. she has a few favorites which I talked about here, but I have been trying to get all types of toys in front of her just to see how she does with them. I don’t think there is purposeful grabbing of toys at this point, but she is noticing them if they are in front of her which is pretty cool.

cloth diapering is still going well, though we had a bit of a fiasco this weekend with all-of-the-sudden leaking. thanks to those mamas who helped me out! I think we are back on track with a few size adjustments – I think maybe she slimmed up a bit? I have also been using cloth wipes as much as possible {since it really does make a lot more sense with cloth diapers because you don’t have to separate the wipes out} & have been sticking to this solution:

cloth diaper wipe solution

2 cups warm water

1 tablespoon coconut oil*

1 or 2 squirts of baby wash (we use this – California Baby Calming)

a few drops of lavender essential oil (we use this  – doTerra}

mix all ingredients together until all coconut oil is dissolved. soak wipes or cloths in solution & wring out. store in wipe holder/plastic bag/etc. I do about 6 to 8 wipes at a time which means I have to make the solution a lot, but I don’t want to worry about any moldy issues. any solution that I have left over I store in a mason jar & then use it with the next batch.

happy 14 weeks eloise!


*we are using coconut oil for everything these days as it is awesome: as a dry skin moisturizer especially around e’s ankles since this area gets really dry, on any kind of bum redness during a diaper change (in hopes of preventing a diaper rash!), as a nipple ointment for mama as needed, on e’s face to help with the little rash she has from all of the drool. I also have friends who have used it to help with cradle cap!

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