my weekend in pictures.


{she is working on getting that entire fist into her mouth.}


{fibbage is aaron’s new favorite game to play with guests. if you ever come over to visit, you will play this game!}


{day date. coffee for him, donut for me.}


{thanks to ben & sarah for watching eloise for a few hours on saturday so we could have a day date: burgers, TJ’s, & donuts!}


{eloise had some awesome naps this weekend, including this one which started in the stroller at u village, continued in the car ride home, around the block to say hi to neighbors, & culminated here on the couch.}


{the cold weather makes for lots of snuggles. I don’t mind one bit!}


{a smile & a moving hand is pretty much what e is up to these days!}


{oh those overalls. she was in them all weekend since she is nearly out of them. this may be the last time she can wear them. tear.}

we had a pretty low-key weekend with lots of sunshine & catching up with friends & family. not too shabby if you ask me! it feels like the calm before the storm though with the holidays right around the corner. how was your weekend?


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