eloise {month three}


{lion: JellyCat via Nordstrom // chambray shirt: babyGap Factory // onesie: Old Navy // leggings: babyGap // moccasins: Freshly Picked}

{month three}

this past month has marked quite a bit of change as eloise has become so interactive. we are getting lots of big mouthed smiles & laughs, as well as chuckles when she is sound asleep (the sweetest thing!). she coos & coos, & loves to have conversations with aaron & me. it even seems like she imitates the sounds that we make if we change from what she was saying, though this may just be a coincidence… or our kid is a genius. one of the two! eloise also really loves interactive songs & games. head & shoulders, knees & toes is her very favorite song at the moment. I move her hands to each body part during the song & she giggles & laughs! I recently started taking eloise to infant storytime at our local library branch & we have been learning more interactive songs. she slept thru her first storytime, but woke up right after it wrapped up & was memorized by all of the other babies (there were 35 that day!).

eloise has really found her hands (both now, though she has a strong preference for her right which has been true since she was born) & loves to stare at them & wiggle her fingers. she is also working on getting her entire fist into her mouth. good luck with that eloise! she is learning to use her hands to grasp onto things – mostly an adult finger, my hair, or a toy. she loves her mister moose toy & this rattle. both are easy to grip & make noise when shaken.

tummy time is always a challenge, though eloise is able to make it thru more & more traditional tummy time each week. as much as I know it is so important for their development, it often seems so unfair to ask these babes to hold their heads up when their heads are so disproportionally large! eloise has a really strong neck these days & can mostly hold it up on her own. she does well when she is being held upright on our shoulder, & sitting (with help). she also does really well on her belly if she is propped up (like on a boppy pillow or the little cushion from her playmat). I also got a tip from another mama friend about doing tummy time right after a diaper change which has worked really well for eloise. I just flip her onto her belly & prop her arms up underneath her & she does really well holding her head up.

I also got eloise’s birth announcement out in just the past week. I worked with a very talented friend & am thrilled with the result! we used pictures from her newborn shoot (she was just 10 days old!) & boy does she look different. a lot of her facial features are similar, she has just filled out a bit, but she was so tiny! at that point we were still working on getting her back up to her birth weight! how times have changed.

{weight} (about) 15.5 lbs

{hair} dark brown, though pretty light in the sun. still a faux hawk!

{teeth} none.

{eyes} dark grey with a hint of brown.

{clothes} 0 to 3 months and 3 to 6 months (though the sleeves & legs are almost all too long!). at least 6 months in hats.

{diapers} full-time cloth {bum genius freetime & pocket}* & the occasional honest company size 2 diaper. at night we add these hemp diaper doublers.

{feeding} during the day, usually 2.5 to 3.5 hour cycles. her bedtime feeding is between 10 pm and 11 pm, & eloise will usually sleep 3.5 to 5 hours before wanting a middle-of-the-night feeding. then she is typically back to her daytime cycle. still taking a once a week (or so) bottle & not having any issues.

{likes} being held while napping, her hot air balloon mobile, making faces (mostly smiling), cooing, Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes, her new bouncer seat.

{dislikes} napping in her crib, (traditional) tummy time, being hungry.

{nicknames} Bug, Bugs, Smiles, E, Wheezy, Kiddo. Little Love.

happy three months eloise!


* when I first looked into the type of cloth diapers, I thought for sure we would do all of our diapers as All-In-Ones (AIO) – no stuffing for me! I felt so strongly about this that I only registered for AIOs. we did, however, receive one pocket diaper at a shower along with a bunch of liners. once we started using cloth last month, it became pretty clear that we needed to add some more pocket diapers to our stash – they dry really fast & stuffing the liners is not bad at all. {I probably should have taken note from other cloth diapering mamas who had already figured this out!} luckily, we still needed to buy the second half of our diaper stash. we now have about half & half. we also have a few of the bum genius elemental diapers but I have found that until eloise is a little bigger {& on a bigger snap setting} the inside liner is too long & wrinkles, causing it to leak quite a bit. if any of you mamas out there know a solution to this, I am all ears!

3 thoughts on “eloise {month three}

  1. I kept forgetting to comment about your CD question…and then I saw your comment on my blog and that reminded me! 🙂 If/when you buy the Bum Genius 4.0s new, they usually come with the pocket/shell, one regular insert, and one infant size insert (thinner, no snaps for adjusting size). Obviously, eventually baby grows out of needing the infant inserts and then only needs the regular size inserts. That leaves you with a bunch of infant inserts lying around…which are perfect to add as doublers for the overnight diaper! For Drew’s overnight diap, we do one regular insert, one infant insert, and one bamboo insert (in that order, with the hemp being the farthest away from his body). He’s never had a leak! The infant inserts also might be perfect for your Elementals…I say this because we actually have a few of the Flips Diapers (which I think it similar to the Elemental?) and I’ve used infant inserts in the Flips shelsl before. But I do have to say, I don’t use the Flips anymore because of the risk of leakage (probably because there is less actual fabric involved in the diaper itself?).
    Last comment: we LOVE the BG 4.0s. We’ve literally never had one leak. Ever. Baby had a blow out, gotta change their outfit? Not here! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Steph! Its funny, i just pulled a few of the infant inserts out of Eloise’s closet to add as a layer at night! It is a great idea to try these with the BG Elementals- definitely worth a try! We are really loving the BG 4.0s. E has had a handful of leaks overnight at the very back waistband of her diaper which i am still trying to figure out. I am going to try adding that extra layer to see if that helps. Thanks so much!

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