eloise {week 12}


{overalls: babyGap (similar) // onesie: crewcuts // moccasins: Freshly Picked}

{week 12} despite this week’s photo, eloise is such a calm & happy baby. seriously, she is deliriously happy! people stop me in public & tell me how happy she is. it. is. awesome. aaron & I find so much joy in having such a happy kiddo!

eloise has lots of new tricks that she is refining: blowing bubbles, controlling her hands, cooing, & probably my favorite, holding around my arm (bicep) with her little arm when I am holding her upright. I think she is doing this because it helps her be able to look all around!

I try to sing interactive songs with eloise a few times a day & her absolute favorite is head & shoulders knees & toes. I move her little hands when I sing the different body parts & she just laughs & laughs. it is the cutest! she is also cooing so much & loves it when aaron or I coo right back at her. it is amazing that she is able to make so many sounds already!

happy 12 weeks eloise!


One thought on “eloise {week 12}

  1. So, baby Lower DOES know how to cry ….I was beginning to wonder…..lol
    How blessed you are to have such a calm, happy baby. Now the big decision: do you stop at one or ‘risk it’ that baby #2 will be the exact opposite? No matter – they would ALL be precious ‘keepers,’ for sure. Bonne journee, Aunt Susan

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