my weekend in pictures.


{we finally got eloise’s birth announcements out this week. thank you so much to our friend brenda for her mad skills!}


{eloise is starting to play with toys. it is the cutest thing! I keep mr.moose in the car & he seems to be a favorite!}


{celebrating halloween with this sweet little cat hat from aunt sarah & uncle ben. it’s a tiny bit too small…}


{listening to the roosevelt high school band play before our neighborhood halloween parade!}


{eloise zonked out during the parade. best nap of the day!}


{& our little ladybug is out.}


{halloween candy & a sleeping baby. can’t think of anything better!}


{love this little lady! oh, & baby overalls? the cutest!}


{voting – check!}


{bedtime story.}


{we attempted to organize the guest room closet today. it got so much worse before it got better… luckily it’s much better!}


{walked in to find everyone napping in the nursery this afternoon – eloise, aaron, & sadie.}


{those little feet & the ever-moving hands!}


{tummy time is so much better when sadie is involved. despite the look on sadie’s face, she wasn’t concerned at all!}

what a fun weekend! we had such a great time celebrating eloise’s first halloween & to see her all dressed up! we laid pretty low for the rest of the weekend, focusing on getting some things done around the house. plus, with the time change, it is now so, so dark so early. boo. it feels like nighttime all day. & speaking of time change, eloise didn’t get the memo… oh well. how was your weekend?


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