eloise {week 10}


{Indiana onesie: etsy* // jeans: Old Navy (similar) // socks: crewcuts (similar)}

{week 10} we are into two digits – seriously? I think I say this every week but where does the time go? slow down!

eloise is still lots of smiles this week & absolutely obsessed with her hand (mostly the right one) & any kind of light. it is the sweetest thing when she stares at her hand, wiggles her fingers, & then shoves the entire thing into her mouth. an endless source of fun! & lights, boy, she is definitely living up to her nickname: Bug.

feeding is going well & I finally feel like I have hit a good stride with nursing this little one. it only took 9 weeks, but we got it! it is amazing how much eloise has filled out – those cheeks! – & it is what everyone comments on whenever they see her. we are loving all of those little rolls! eloise is also just starting to fit into 3 to 6 month clothing, especially when wearing a cloth diaper, though it is slightly large still (as you can see from the big cuffs at the bottom of her jeans this week).

*showing some Indiana love this week – thanks auntie Erin & Uncle Colt!

happy 10 weeks eloise!


One thought on “eloise {week 10}

  1. Sooooooooooo cute! I wasn’t able to reply to a previous post, but in the first picture-last week’s maybe?- I thought Eloise looked like Aaron (but she sure looks like her mama most of the time 🙂 and in this 10 week photo, I can see her daddy a bit, too. You have a beautiful child!
    On my fourth trip to OR this month, I found out that IS true….it DOES rain in the NW (but only for a day or two).

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