my weekend in pictures.


{seriously, this kid! love her.}


{trying out homemade cloth wipe solution.}


{my two favorite people!}


{eloise is loving play time.}


{family nap time.}


{I’ll take the fall weather if it means baby jeans & moccasins!}


{I am not doing the 60 day challenge, but did make it to my sunday morning barre class. what a great way to start the week!}


{packing for quick trip this week.}


{what a happy kiddo!}


{even though it means I can’t do anything else during nap time, I live for these cuddles. her little hand gripping onto my shirt is the best!}

we had a low-key weekend spent mostly at home just hanging out & getting a few things done here & there. with most of our weekends packed full, it was nice to just lay low. despite some rainy weather making an appearance recently, we had beautiful & sunny fall weather! how was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “my weekend in pictures.

    • This is what I have been using. So far so good.

      2 cups warm water
      1 T coconut oil
      2-4 drops tea tree or lavender essential oil
      A squirt or two of baby wash

      Soak the wipes, wring out, and store in container.

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