friday I’m in love.

welcome back friday! be sure to pop over to see what kendra, mary beth, & amanda  are loving this week. we would love for you to join us! leave a comment and we’ll come check out what you’re loving each week!

{one} made by layla peg dolls.

made by layla

{maddie all in a row set}

aaron & I both really love wooden toys for kids & hope to limit the amount of plastic toys our kiddos have {I know all of you parents out there think we are crazy, & we probably are!}. when I saw these peg dolls show up in my instagram feed the other day, I was dying. how cute are these?

{two} little guy in a minion costume.


one of my favorite animated movies is despicable me & I adore those minions. {doesn’t everyone?} this video of a little guy dressed up as a minion is hilarious!

{three} baby hats.


as the weather is starting to turn colder, I am on the search for cold weather accessories for eloise. I am dying to get her this pom-pom beanie!

what are you loving this week?


4 thoughts on “friday I’m in love.

  1. You are so not crazy! Plastics are major hormone disrupters. Good for you guys keeping it clean and simple. If you discover a way to keep the plastic toys away for good, let me know. We ended up with some and I don’t know how to get rid of them without hurting feelings!

  2. Good to know! No sense in us or others wasting money on something you don’t want! Milissa and Doug are all wooden. I have bought things for the other grandkids from them. Harder to find things that the kids might like though. Does Eloise have Sophie the giraffe? Any ideas for Christmas are welcome!

    • Diane – We are hoping to limit plastic toys, though mostly ones that have batteries! 😉 It is probably wishful thinking on our part and plastic toys will happen (we already have some and not all plastic is bad!) but we both do really like wooden toys. The Melissa and Doug line is great! Eloise does have Sophie the Giraffe! Not sure what she will need around Christmas time – I need to start asking around to see what are good toys for 4 to 6 months or so!

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