eloise {week 9}


{dress: Old Navy // tights: babyGap}

{week 9} this week has been filled with smiles, giggles, & hands. as you can tell by the blur that is eloise’s hands in the picture, she has found her hands – mostly her right hand – & cannot get enough. they are constantly moving & we often look over to find her just staring at her fist. & then she shoves the entire thing into her mouth {well, the best that she can}!

eloise has also been very aware of things that are a bit further away from her face, including trees, lights, the sky, & her stroller cover {it’s yellow so it’s very bright & attractive}. when I hold her up on my shoulder & she isn’t asleep, she is holding up her head & always looking all around with eyes wide open.

eloise is such a happy, happy baby & we are feeling so lucky to have her in our little family!

happy nine weeks eloise!


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