my weekend in pictures.


{we had a playdate with baby blakely & her pup brother dozer.}


{future bffs.}


{baby tahlia had her first birthday party on saturday. her parents borrowed from the korean tradition & had her choose an object to represent her future. after a number of melt-downs, she chose the stethoscope (doctor)!}


{we had dinner with our friends jes & cale, & eloise & jazmyne finally met!}


{we signed up for smith brothers farms delivery to ensure that we always have (almond) milk & eggs at the house!}


{we spent a rainy sunday unpacking the office which was full of boxes… not the most fun day but feels really good to get things organized!}


{eloise has the best hair. plus she has this great cowlick, or giddy giddy as my hawaiian friends would refer to it.}


{you know it’s fall when you eat pumpkin everything!}

what a quick weekend – I blinked & it was over! we had a few social gatherings planned & it was great to catch up with some friends. we also got some things organized around the house – we are making progress! this is the first weekend that really felt like fall – the temps have cooled down & the rainy season is starting.

how was your weekend?

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