eloise {month two}


{lion: jellycat via nordstrom // shorts: babyGap // tights: babyGap // onesie: Old Navy basic // moccasins: Freshly Picked}

{month two} eloise continues to amaze us each day & steal our hearts. she is such a happy kid which makes spending my days (& nights) with her that much more special. it’s so hard to believe that we are passing the two month mark. much like last month it feels like it’s just been days or been many months since her birth, depending on the day.

eloise is growing like a weed, though her gaining has slowed down since last month. she feels much sturdier, more like an infant & much less like a newborn. part of me is really happy about her growing up & part of me is sad – where did my tiny little baby go? e has made big strides in her neck strength & amazes me with how great at tummy time she is, even if she hates it after a few minutes. I try to get a session of tummy time in right after our morning feeding & have been doing a 30 day plank challenge starting this week during that time (thanks amanda for the idea!). I am down on the ground with her anyways, right?

sleeping is getting better & eloise is more consistent these days. I can count on at least two good (long) naps during the day as long as e is either sleeping on me or I am wearing her (thank goodness for the k’tan wrap!). she mostly cat naps in the evening, but sometimes we get lucky & she will take a good nap. at night e can usually go for one long stretch (4 to 6 hours), waking up around 2ish, & then back to 2.5 to 3 hour cycles. this means I am really only up with her once at night which is awesome! {watch her have sleep regression as soon as this post goes live…}

eloise is giving us lots of smiles & giggles these past few weeks. every time she smiles, it melts my heart. every time. she has this big-mouthed, gummy smile that she does & it is the absolute sweetest thing I have ever seen! she is always all smiles & giggles in the morning right after her first feeding {between 7 and 9 since anything before 6 am I still consider night!} which makes me think she is going to be a morning person. this girl has also found her right hand & is amazed by it each time she sees it. I don’t think she quite understands that she controls her hand, but that will come in time.

this week e got her first set of vaccinations & it went so much better than I had anticipated. granted, I expected her to melt-down & be a hot-mess all day. not at all. one of the vaccines was oral & she took it down like a champ. even the nurse commented on how well she did! the other vaccine was a shot & went right into her little leg. she cried for a moment right after the prick, but once the daffy duck band-aid was on, she was totally fine. I didn’t notice any reactions {like a fever or soreness on her leg} though she did have a really interesting diaper a few hours after {which the nurse warned me about}.

{weight} 12 lbs 10 oz

{hair} dark brown, though pretty light in the sun. still a faux hawk!

{teeth} none.

{eyes} dark grey with a hint of brown.

{clothes} has been out of newborn onesies for about 2 weeks. in 0 to 3 months (even with cloth diapers which sometimes require one size bigger in clothes).

{diapers} wearing size 1 {the honest company} part-time & cloth part-time {bum genius freetime, elemental, & pocket}.

{feeding} E still loves eating! nursing during the day on 2 to 4 hour feeding cycles, taking between 20 to 45 minutes to eat. at night, on 2.5 to 6 hour feeding cycles. E will take a bottle of pumped milk a couple of times a week.

{likes} mama, papa, her hands, being tickled (especially on those cheeks!), bath time, pacifier (mostly), a story before bedtime, lights & looking out the window.

{dislikes} being hungry, more than 5 minutes of tummy time, not being held or worn during her daytime naps..

{nicknames} Bug, Smiles, E, Wheezy, Kiddo.

happy two months eloise!


2 thoughts on “eloise {month two}

  1. I feel you on the baby-holding naps! I have a five-month-old who would only nap if I held her, up until about a month ago. I worked and worked on it and she’s finally taking naps in her crib…although I sometimes still have to put her down again part way through. I guess our girls just love to be held! 🙂

    • Rachel – Yes, I think these babes just love being held & close to their mamas! As much as it is hard to get things done and sometimes frustrating, I am very much enjoying every minute that E wants to cuddle since I know at some point in the near future she won’t be so into it! Thanks for reading! M

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