my weekend in pictures.


{after running some errands with eloise, we got home to have sadie greeting us in the front window. so sweet!}


{happy friday!}


{sometimes this kid has a blast during tummy time. we are loving all of the smiles recently!}


{october means pumpkin everything. am I right?}


{sometimes tummy time just means eloise has easier access to chew on her hands…}


{saying good-bye to my late grandmother’s house. so many memories in this place!}


{started reading to eloise before bedtime & sharing some of our favorite books. chicka chicka boom boom has always been one of my favorites!}


{went to my first post-partem pure barre class this morning. oh boy! I will definitely be sore after 8 weeks off, but it felt so great to be back at it. hard to believe the last time I was there I was 39 weeks pregnant.}


{can’t get enough of these huge honeycrisp apples!}

I don’t know which is harder to believe – that it is already october or the awesome summer weather we have had this weekend! this weekend, per usual, went quickly & we spent most of the time at the house trying to get thru the piles & piles of things that have accumulated from moving back into the house post-remodel. I have a feeling this is what we will be doing for months… on a happier note, I did get in a 2+ hour nap today – thanks to aaron & eloise for letting me sleep that long! how was your weekend?


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