eloise {week 7}


{onesie: gerber // overalls: babyGap (similar) // booties: crewcuts}

{week 7} this week has brought a happy eloise who has started sharing lots of wide-mouth smiles & the occasional giggle. tummy time isn’t a big hit around here though eloise loves to “sit” & hold her head up while cooing & chatting. she has remarkable neck strength & we are all very excited for when she fully gains control of her neck. I know it will be soon!

eloise has really been enjoying her play mat these days & will spend quite a long time entertaining herself. her favorites are the monkey & zebra. I am guessing this is mostly because they are striped & she loves stripes just like her mama! while I don’t think she is doing it on purpose, eloise is starting to bat at the toys with her arms. it is pretty entertaining!

napping during the day is still a bit of a challenge mostly because she just wants to be held while she sleeps. if I am able to get her into the k’tan or ergo, she will sleep really well. while I do love to wear eloise, it’s a challenge to do it for every nap… that said, she has been sleeping well in her crib at night. we are still using the halo swaddle sleep sack & keeping one arm out. eloise is either a really great night sleep – up only one time between 3 & 4 am – or she is up to eat every 2 hours; right now it seems like every other night she will have a great night’s sleep.

at the beginning of this week eloise stayed with my mom & uncle while aaron & I went out for a much-needed solo date night. even though it was only a few hours, eloise was happy to have someone else other than mama or papa & took a bottle without issue. we are still doing one bottle per day {with pumped milk} in order to make sure eloise won’t refuse a bottle since she is mostly breastfed. she is still a great eater & her feeding times range from 20 minutes to 45 minutes – I love it when she’s on the shorter side of that!

happy 7 weeks eloise!


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