eloise {week 6}


{romper: Target // moccasins: freshly picked – thanks to jen & beth!}

{week 6} oh week 6. you have brought the not-so-fun combination of sleep regression & a growth spurt which has turned our usual calm & happy girl into a very fussy one. eloise is cluster feeding, refusing to take naps unless held, & waking up every two or so hours at night. this is a huge change from normal & has led to some grumpy days all around. while I know this will last just a brief period of time {& is great for our growing girl} we will all be glad to be past week 6! but grump& fussy aside, we are still so in love with this little one!

in happier news, eloise is sleeping full time in her crib at night. I was worried about the transition & started with naps to begin with. turns out, this kiddo doesn’t mind sleeping in the crib {for the most part} at night, but naps are harder for her. she can usually do her long morning nap in the crib, but the remainder are usually else where around the house, including on mom or dad’s chest. I was able to make the full transition at night by starting her in her rock n’ play at the start of the night & then putting her into her crib after our middle-of-the-night feeding {which was easy since she usually falls asleep at the end of the feeding!}. after two nights of half of the night in our room & the other half in her crib, we started putting her to bed in her crib & haven’t looked back! since she is right next door I am able to hear her without a monitor, though I can check on her if I need to since aaron installed a webcam in her nursery. as much as I wasn’t quite ready to have this little one away from me at night, it has been much more pleasant for us to sleep!

eloise is also continuing to like a bottle since I have been able to pump more frequently. I have been using the medela pump in style which came highly recommended. I have been attempting to pump in the morning after our first morning feeding & then again at night right before bedtime. I haven’t been brave enough to really try pumping while aaron is at work  {especially this week since a clingy baby & pumping sounds like a nightmare!} so this schedule seems to work out. when I pump at night is when aaron & eloise get some father-daughter time since that is when she is getting her {almost daily} bottle. we’ve been using these dr. brown bottles & have been really happy with them.

happy 6 weeks eloise!


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