my weekend in pictures.


{ahh, I love this kid! she is finally big enough – mostly – for her gold freshly picked moccs!}


{wait. 424 blog posts? that seems crazy!}


{finally feel like we are getting this pumping thing down…}


{aaron’s first time carrying eloise in the ergo. I think he approves!}


{saturday night was a backyard movie night at our friend sara’s house. first show of the evening was the incredibles. we didn’t make it thru much of the second show.}


{this little gal is rockin’ at tummy time. at least in small chunks!}


{I made my first solo trip out of the house without eloise to joann & target. it is so much faster to run errands without a babe, but I missed her terribly! thanks aaron for holding down the fort while I was out!}


{I busted out my sewing machine to get a quick project done, but lost the power cord to the machine. once aaron found it for me – thanks! – eloise was fussing, friends came over to say hi, & then it was bedtime. someday I will finish this project.}


{eloise all clean after bathtime. these are aaron’s old care bear pjs that his sister sent over! #vintage}

this weekend went by so quickly & so slowly at the same time. I guess that is the way life feels with a newborn around. I can’t even specifically recall what we did yesterday, but we stuck around the house to get things in order & try to knock some things off of our ever-growing to do list. we had a bout of hot summer-y weather this weekend which is likely the last for the season, but it was nice to have such beautiful sunny skies the past couple of days. that said, I am totally ready for fall weather. how was your weekend?


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