eloise {week 5}


{romper: babyGap}

{week 5} this week seems to have been a big week for eloise & me as a few big changes happened. mostly this has come from the fact that eloise’s feedings have gone from over an hour {!} down to 30 or 40 minutes. this might not seem like a lot, but it makes such an enormous difference in the amount of time that i/we have during the day!

given our newly found time, I feel like I am finally in a groove & confident enough with nursing that I can actually get out of the house on my own. this is really nice in terms of getting some things done, like grocery shopping, for example.

e & I also started with our PEPS group on monday. PEPS is a locally-based new parent group where parents of newborns/infants/toddlers are grouped with other parents & their kiddos who live in the same neighborhood & are within a few weeks of each other. our group has 12 newborns & their moms, & we will meet every monday morning for two hours for the next 12 weeks. even after one meeting I am so thankful to be part of this group. it is great to get together with other mamas & chat about life as a new mom & newborn babies. e & I even joined three other mamas & babies on tuesday for a inaugural walk around greenlake! it was great to get out & be active {at least a little} though e slept the entire time!

eloise is much more awake these days, in between naps, & is so, so chatty still. she seems like she is smiling much more intentionally, rather than just when she has gas. sometimes I will be holding her & her face will light up with a huge grin & it is just the best!

our summer weather {at least a bit} has lasted into the early part of this week & I am trying to get e into as many of her summer outfits again before the weather gets too cold. she is still sporting a few of her newborn outfits, though she is too long for some of them. the rest is 0 to 3 months which ranges from fitting just right to being a little big.

I have been working on transitioning e into her crib & starting out the past few days having her nap in there instead of on me or in her rock-n-play. because the crib mattress is so flat, it has taken some getting used to for eloise since the rock-n-play cradles her & keeps her head a bit elevated. we also started using a halo sleep sack swaddler since e is strong enough to get her arms out of a blanket swaddle {& I am neurotic about any loose fabric near her face!} & the halo lets you swaddle just one arm. e loves to suck on at least one of her hands if possible {which is a great feeding cue for me!} & absolutely freaks out if both of her arms are swaddled. that said, she needs one arm swaddled or else she wakes herself up… even though she is a super noisy sleeper, I am not quite ready for her to be in her nursery all night! maybe in the next week or so… mamas – when did you transition baby into her own crib?

happy 5 weeks eloise!


2 thoughts on “eloise {week 5}

  1. Your PEPS group sounds amazing! What a great support system. We transitioned K around 6 weeks and we were so glad we did. She was a very noisy sleeper. C we waited a bit longer, but only because we were nervous he would wake up Kenley. The swaddle blankets only lasted a couple weeks for us, then we moved on to the swaddlers too.

  2. 8 weeks with Deacon and 4 weeks with Graham because he is such a loud sleeper (lots and lots of grunts) which meant I was getting even less sleep /:

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