friday I’m in love.

welcome back friday! after a summer hiatus, kendra & I are back at it sharing what we love on fridays! be sure to pop over to kendra’s blog too to see what she’s up to {& amanda periodically joins us as well}. we would love for you to join us! leave a comment and we’ll come check out what you’re loving each week!

{one} unplugging.



though my phone is stuck to my side in order to track feedings, diapers, etc. with eloise {we are using Baby Connect}, I have been making an effort to unplug when I have some downtime, especially while nursing. it is so easy to get lost in social media news feeds & random other things on my phone instead of being present in what is going on in my real life – like eloise!

{two} diy baby leggings.



I still can’t get over some of e’s baby clothes – hello so teeny! I am hoping once I get into the swing of things with e {shorter feeding times & longer naps!}, I can diy a few pairs of leggings for her.

{three} fall & halloween.



I love summer as much as the next person {probably more!} but as the weather is starting to turn in the PNW, I find that I am getting really excited for the fall. fall clothes, crisp air, & halloween! I am loving non-traditional pumpkins like these chalkboard ones above. now I just have to figure out what to dress up e as for her first halloween… such big decisions!

what are you loving this week?


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