my weekend in pictures.


[eloise was rooting on our huskies in their home opener against eastern washington. they barely squeaked out a win.}


{lots of college football was watched on saturday.}


{like father, like daughter. naptime at the lower house.}


{this was my view almost all day on saturday. between all of the feeding sessions, eloise preferred to take naps on mama. did I mention it was over 90 degrees?}


{thank you, thank you to our wonderful friends & neighbors who have brought over dinner & other goodies these past few weeks!}


{eloise tried out her whale bathtub which she actually enjoyed {over her normal sponge bath}.}


{we attempted to clip eloise’s fingernails during a nap since she has been clawing at her face so much. we got three nails in before we abandoned the mission. the nail file is here to stay…}


{be still my heart – seeing aaron & eloise melts my heart! plus, a little factoid that eloise is three of aaron’s hands in length!}


{our first family trip to target was a success. thank goodness aaron was with me or else I wouldn’t have been able to buy anything – we need someone to push the cart & someone to push the stroller! some day I will figure it out.}


{we were rooting for the colts this evening, but alas peyton & the broncos were too good.}

we had another warm streak of summer weather sweep thru the pnw which made the upstairs almost unbearably warm – thank goodness for some good fans! we mostly hung out at the house & got very little done other than lots of feedings, naps, & watching of football games. eloise turned 4 weeks today which is so hard to believe – updates to come later in the week! some things are becoming more routine, but everything still feels a bit chaotic around the house. I guess that is life with a newborn, right? how was your weekend?


One thought on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. I love that your first family outing was Target! So monumental!! Love to hear of sweet snuggle time and football- E looks absolutely adorable in her little UW onesie. Would love to know the trick for baby nails, a nail file?! Spa days start early for that little lady!

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