eloise {week 3}


{gerber onesie // crewcuts pants // quilt made by amanda}

{week 3} this week has brought lots of smiles & much more awake time for eloise. she is much more aware of what is going on around her & of the people that hold her – lots of interaction these days! eloise is also filling out a bit, especially in her cheeks & tummy which is so sweet. she is still in newborn clothes, but will quickly be too long soon so I am trying to get all of her tiny clothes on her at least once before they no longer fit.

eloise, like most newborns I am guessing, is very, very vocal. she is constantly squeaking, chirping, & talking – we refer to her as our baby pterodactyl {new nickname!}. if this isn’t what a baby dinosaur sounded like, I don’t know what does.

faces & big graphic shapes {like her quilt} are big favorites & eloise could stare for hours, okay minutes since her attention span is so short. she also loves staring at her crib mobile {which I promise to share with her nursery reveal soon!}. we are also working on tummy time each day & this girl has such a strong neck!

happy three weeks eloise!


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