eloise {week 2}


{week 2} this week has been much less crazy even though it is the first time I have been home alone with eloise during the day since I understand a lot more of what she needs at any given time. we aren’t on any type of “schedule” by any stretch of the imagination, but feedings & nap times are much more predictable which makes this mama much happier. we were doing three hour feeding cycles all last week & into the beginning of this week, but we got the green light from our pediatrician yesterday to let her sleep thru the night as long as she will. yahoo! I always hated waking her up to feed in the middle of the night, & still do during the day if she is having a long snooze-fest.

eloise had her two week check-up this week with her pediatrician & everything looks great! she is at about the 50 percentile for all of her measurements {length, head size} & up almost an entire pound from her birth weight. she is growing like crazy but still in newborn clothes. she also makes lots of fun faces & noises during the day which keeps us entertained. 

feeding is going well as eloise is a great eater, though so. slow. our feeding sessions are still around 45 to 50 minutes & I am hoping she learns to eat faster sooner rather than later to give us more time in between feedings! I am also going to try to start pumping this week to help with my milk supply & also to give aaron {& others} a chance to feed eloise as well. any tips from other mamas out there are welcome!

happy two weeks eloise!


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