eloise {week 1}


{week 1} how has it already been a week since eloise was born? it just doesn’t seem possible that this little lady has turned our entire world upside-down in 7 days, but she has. we have spent most of the week just staring at eloise & pinching ourselves that we created such a remarkable tiny human. there have been lots of cuddles with mama & papa, as well as family & friends that are in town & have stopped by to visit. we are also just trying to figure out the ins & outs of a newborn feeding & sleeping schedule! we are beyond the original 2 hour feeding schedule that eloise started on at birth which is such a relief! {for those of you not in the know, a feeding schedule is calculated from the start of one feeding to the start of the next. then you have to take into account how long the baby feeds!}

eloise was pretty eager to breastfeed within a few hours of her birth & has been a champ eater ever since. once we got home, we had a few nights of very rough feedings with lots of tears & feelings of hopelessness. I knew that starting out right with breastfeeding was really important, especially the baby’s latch, so we reached out to a few people we knew who could possibly help & ended up with some stellar advice. by the end of this week we have really gotten the hang of it! if you are a new nursing mama or will be, take note of a product called All Purpose Nipple Ointment. seriously, this stuff is a healing balm that works wonders & can be prescribed by your babe’s pediatrician. plus, apparently it treats diaper rash as well! I tried lanolin {based on lots of recommendations} but eloise hated it. I also tried Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Balm which I liked, but didn’t work for me quite as well as the prescription ointment {though it smells heavenly!}.

lots of people have asked about eloise’s birth & other such things, & I don’t want to leave everyone hanging. I plan on sharing e’s birth story in a few weeks. there are a few other things people have asked, so here you go:

{how is sadie doing with elosie?} sadie was a bit hesitant at first & mostly ignored eloise for the first two days or so. if she was around & eloise made as much as a squeak or a sneeze, sadie was darting away as fast as possible. now though sadie is very much part of the “pack” & wants to be wherever me & eloise are {mostly}. sadie will come up & sniff eloise when I am nursing or sitting with her & then curl up right next to us & take a snooze. I also often find sadie sleeping in the nursery when we aren’t in there; so it’s either a really sweet sign that sadie loves eloise, or because the nursery has the nicest rug in the house!

{who does eloise look more like – mama or papa?} at a quick first glance, eloise is a mini-mama for sure. but if you look closer, she does look like aaron as well, including her not-quite-black hair & her steely grey eyes. obviously her eye color will change as she ages & the color pigment comes in, but I am hopeful she will end up with eyes more like aaron {hazel} rather than mine {dark brown}. also, most of the faces eloise makes are from her papa!

{where did the name eloise come from, is it a family name?} eloise is not a family name {though I joke that it comes from sadie’s family since it is french & so is she!}. it is a name that I grew up with since one of my favorite childhood books was Eloise. as soon as we found out I was pregnant, eloise was a contender. I was panicked my entire pregnancy that the name would become super popular & we wouldn’t be able to use it {much like the name eleanor did. boo.} but according to historical records, eloise hasn’t been popular in the US since the turn of the last century. and then her middle name grace is a family name, after my late grandmother.

{what do you call eloise, does she have a nickname?} we call eloise eloise at the current moment. there are lots of nicknames that people have come up with, but we are of the mindset that a nickname {or two} will come organically. if we wanted to call her something different, we probably would have picked that name instead. so eloise it is!

{are you getting any sleep?} we are definitely getting less sleep than we were pre-baby, but we are doing our best to get some shut-eye during the night. eloise has been letting me sleep a few hours between night feedings which is good. the biggest thing I am learning is to fall asleep quickly after a feeding as it often takes some time for me to get back to sleep. during the day though, it has seemed impossible to “sleep when baby sleeps” despite my want for a nap. this is something I am definitely prioritizing to start this week though so wish me luck!

{is the nursery done?} the nursery is about 95% done. the saturday before eloise was born we were able to move into the nursery space. aaron was able to set up the crib, & my mom & I were able to unpack clothes, diapers, etc. & add a few other details, like hanging the mobile. I am hoping to share the nursery in a few weeks, if not sooner!

{are you going to cloth diaper or use disposables?} ultimately we are going to use cloth diapers, but for now we are still using disposables from the honest company. we are still getting the hang of diapers {so many!} plus we didn’t want to invest in newborn cloth diapers. in the coming weeks & once eloise is big enough {the newborn diapers are still big!} we will make the transition to cloth.

{how are you feeling?} I can’t speak for aaron, but I am feeling pretty good. not having as much sleep as I would like is tough, but it is worth it for the middle-of-the-night snuggles that I get with my daughter {!}. my post-partem recovery is going really well too.

p.s. for any soon-to-be-mamas, I highly recommend using phone apps for timing contractions & also keeping track of feeding/sleeping/pooping schedules. you are going to be so tired & everything will blur together, so it’s nice to have a record! for timing contractions, we used an app {on my iPhone} called Full Term. it is easy to use {well, it was easy to use for Aaron because let’s be honest, I didn’t use it} with a start & stop button & you can email the details to your doctor/midwife/doula. for keeping track of all things baby, I have been using an app called Baby Connect. I normally won’t pay for an app {or anything more than 99 cents} & this app was around $5 I believe, but it has been so, so worth it! there is a great timer function for nursing, & different areas to keep track of diapers, doctor’s visits, milestones, etc. you can also add another caretaker to your user profile so dad, grandma, nanny, etc. can also add & access information.

happy one week eloise!


4 thoughts on “eloise {week 1}

  1. What a great post, Misha! It’s been fun to follow along from beginning to end – super informative! Eloise already looks smart as a whip and she’s obviously a beauty. Congratulations! I can’t wait to see the nursery (and the rest of the remodel for that matter).

  2. Oh sweet Eloise, we are so glad you’re here!! Great update, thank you for sharing!! Glad to hear you’re getting into the swing of things, even if it’s just a little bit. I love that you mentioned Eleanor because that was on my girl list too (until it got vetoed). Sending our love!! xoxo

  3. I cannot wait to meet Miss Eloise! I adore her name!! I am forEVER grateful for this post as well!! Loving all the little tricks and tips to make life easier…I am so looking forward to more posts/ updates on this little one! blessings

  4. I sure hope she is still wearing newborn clothing! Nana has had a blast shopping for her! Lots of sales and coupons for end of summer! Now if I can just fit it all in the suitcase! Can’t wait to meet our new grand daughter! You sound so happy! And such a good Mommy!

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