project baby {week 39}



{top: asos maternity boyfriend t-shirt // shorts: old navy linen blend drawstring shorts}

{week 39} holy 9 months pregnant & just a week from my due date – eek! how did we possibly get here? it seems like we were just finding out I was pregnant…

we have had some summer heat these past few days, though running fans seem to do the trick. I just wish I had a swimming pool to float around in! while I dream of a pool, I am working furiously {but super slowly} to get us mostly moved back into the house & all the baby stuff organized. the carpal tunnel in my hands & my feet swelling thru-out the day keeps me in check, but I still feel like I am being productive. my own form of nesting, I guess!

the strangest thing is that this babe could come at any time. wait, what? our hospital bags are packed & in the car, but we are still sort of all over the place. I guess this is what all expectant parents do, right? wait & go on with normal life…

the baby was great at my last check-up. still head down with a slower heartbeat on the doppler which is apparently perfectly normal & expected as it is a sign of the baby growing & maturing – yay!

what are your guesses on baby lower’s arrival? this week, next week?


2 thoughts on “project baby {week 39}

  1. I’m sticking with August 15th. But am changing my mind about the sex after seeing this picture. I’m thinking now that it just might be a girl! No matter what, I know that he /she will be precious and perfect in every way.

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