project house {week 17}


{paint touch up in kitchen // “moving back into the living room” // windows over the stairwell papered for painting // door painting in the office}


{paint touch up in the living room & readying the space to move back in // lots of cleaning happening – so. much. dust. // the new hardwood floor peeking thru // painting doors in the kids’ bathroom}


{entryway window // looking downstairs at the new paint // painting supplies including our handrails // door painting in the master bedroom}


{painting supplies – a better set-up than I use! // 38 week bump at the house // more doors}

in the first picture of the kitchen, the floor looks a little wonky because there are two plywood pieces in the floor – one over the old chimney space & the other over the old heating vent. there is currently linoleum in our kitchen & it would be more hassle than it is worth to try to patch these two small pieces. we have grand plans to do a kitchen remodel on that side of the kitchen, including new flooring {hopefully we will uncover old wood floor underneath the laminate!} at some point in the {near} future.

last week the interior painting started, including all of the new dry wall & trim, & the touch-ups of the upstairs space {living room, kitchen, hallway}. this work was technically supposed to be done by the end of last week so we could start moving back into our old space this weekend, but when we showed up at the house on saturday morning, the painters were there. & that repeated on sunday too. a bit of a bummer for us since the continued work prevented us from really being able to move back in. at this point we are shooting for a move-in at the end of this week. fingers crossed!

in better news, we are getting so close to the end of this remodel! tomorrow the electrician is supposed to be in to install the outlets & lighting fixtures. the plumber is scheduled for later in the week or early next week to install the bath fixtures. exterior painting touch-ups are also on the agenda, but not quite as imperative as that work doesn’t effect our ability to live in the space.

in the final countdown! how much longer do you think we have?


3 thoughts on “project house {week 17}

  1. My guess is that you have two more weeks and 1 day from today. I think Aug. 15th. and I still think a baby boy is cooking in there . That’s just a guess of course.

  2. Did you ask your doctor or whoever if it is okay to be around all of that paint etc? My doctor told me to have plenty of air ventilation, open a lot of windows etc. when I was painting Kyle’s baby furnitire.

    • Diane, I was never in the same space as the painting as the new part of the house was sealed off. The paint is low VOC but I am staying away from it as much as I can! Helps that we aren’t living there yet so it still has time to off-gas before we move back in. Plus, we don’t get to move into the new space just yet…

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